For Physicians

VocalMD is built for physicians, by physicians. We offer open communication channels direct to patients and healthcare team members, to let doctors do their job the way it was meant to be done. Patients come first and foremost. Patient care means caring directly for patients and their families. Everything else is derived from these principles.

Physicians benefit from:

  • longitudinal care communication with the patient and the healthcare team.
  • active next-generation medication reconciliation
  • next-generation medication reconciliation and problem list tracking
  • patient engagement in a modern iOS and Android app environment
  • FHIR core technology with enhanced healthcare provider tools in ongoing development

Coming Soon:

  • family care (coming soon) – deliver recommendations to the dedicated family members caring for their impaired loved ones
  • lab test and radiology orders
  • preventative care recommendations, risk calculators

Stay informed, stay connected,
stay healthy - with VocalMD.