About Us

Welcome to single sign on healthcare @ VocalMD!

My name is Dr. Ben Bergman. I am a heart doctor and I have been practicising cardiology for 14 years. When I was training to be a physician, I thought that doctors and hospitals would bring the full use of technology products to patient care, in any way possible to reduce the burden of disease on human beings, to maximize good outcomes and prevent harm.

From homeless support, to cancer care, to cardiac preventative care, to high level wellness and fitness based care, and mental healthcare – medical care has the power to truly change lives and bring people together with the power of teams.

And yet over the last 20 years as I watched the healthcare system change…well…nothing has really changed. Patients still face daunting care challenges in their care, from disconnected providers, to medical record headaches, overstuffed doctor offices, and at times poorly integrated teams of professionals.

The reasons for this lack of change are very complex. Some of it has to do with human nature, some of it with technology problems, rising costs, patient habits, doctor and hospital reticence to change, and other problems inherent to medical care.

But over the past few years the rules have changed, and technology now has the ability to bring it all together.

Healthcare providers have been waiting for this for decades! Patients have been asking for this for a generation.

VocalMD harnesses the power of millions of healthcare professionals, all working toward a common goal: coordinated patient care.

VocalMD is a tool for healthcare providers as much as it is a tool for patients and their families. Our philosophy is that when a physician, healthcare team, and a patient communicate then the best outcomes for all can be achieved. Today’s healthcare should consist of only the best communication technology for the most efficient provider experience and the highest in patient satisfaction.

For healthcare systems, VocalMD is an opportunity to reduce fragmentation, avoid missed opportunities, and eliminate care friction. In terms of preventative care, no other healthcare platform puts all possible preventative treatment options in front of the team for discussion and action.

VocalMD puts all healthcare providers in a position to offer maximal value in an integrated and equitable care experience. No one is left out. No one party is unable to access VocalMD’s care experience. VocalMD offers two weeks of free communication to those who need simply access, enhanced access for those who desire long term integrative care, and philanthropic care for those who need. We have partnered with local charities and free clinics to bring accessible care to those who need it most.

Our features include:

  • healthcare provider friendly non-disruptive communication technology
  • group messaging, voice chatting, video chatting, and picture upload
  • next-generation medication reconciliation and problem list tracking
  • information feed for provider/physician problem targeted patient education with curated articles and websites
  • scale physician news feed for patient education
  • EMR (Epic) direct import using patient secure credentials
  • HIPPA compliant secure environment
  • improved patient and provider experience
  • reduce call backs, missed messages, care fatigue
  • improve team to patient bonding

Stay informed, stay connected,
stay healthy - with VocalMD.